Building materials get wet during a normal building process. Water Out is the fastest drying technology available. You will be able to occupy your new home sooner.

Reputable contractors require their houses to have an average moisture content less than 15% prior to installing insulation and sheet rock. Until Water Out was introduced, technology was not available to dry your home fast and effectively.

What if you could completely and safely dry your new home in a matter of days and at a reasonable cost?

How do we dry your home so well?

Water Out provides your new house with a consistent, reliable and comprehensive drying process which works in days, not weeks or months.

We completely seal your house before drying. Then the patented Water Out system introduces heated, super-dry air into the structure and exhausts the wet, cooler air out of the house in a rapid evaporative process known as Convectant Drying.

In conjunction with this advanced technology, our trained technicians regularly monitor the moisture removal process with state-of-the-art water detection devices. Upon completion of the job, Water Out South Puget Sound, LLC will document your home is dried to an average moisture content below 13%.


How do I know Water Out will work?

Water Out was initially conceived to dry houses after flooding. Independent tests conducted conclude that Water Out dries wet buildings much faster than dehumidifiers. Over four thousand buildings of every size and construction have been dried using Water Out equipment.

A single Water Out trailer will remove up to 100 pounds of water per hour. Dehumidifiers and fans alone are not effective in completely drying a wet house. Thoroughly drying your house and protecting it from the effects of water is key to recovering from a water loss.

Water Out South Puget Sound, LLC specializes in drying new home construction using the patented Water Out technology. We are the foremost experts nationwide using this technology to dry new homes. Water Out South Puget Sound, LLC can dry your new home fast, safely, completely and cost effectively.


Water Out...You can't dry faster!

Water causes more damage to homes than all other causes. Start out with a clean, dry home and keep it healthy.
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